CASE: multilingual subtitling of Gold & Green videos


Videos play a role in every product campaign, as numerous market studies show. Gold&Green® is venturing into new international markets with its innovative food products. Its Pulled Oats®, Oat Balls™, Patties and other oat-based products are a new form of plant-based protein. They contain fiber, minerals and more protein than chicken, and have all the amino acids essential to a healthy diet.

A key use case involved Gold&Green videos created to help consumers and professionals become familiar with the new products. Videos are an important part of the company’s product launches, as they help people to discover how to make delicious dishes from Pulled Oats. Gold&Green’s videos feature a professional chef, Sam McCormic, who inspires viewers to use Pulled Oats in various ways.

This kind of video has to be understandable for a wide audience and clearly communicate the instructions given. Professional transcription and subtitling in the languages of the intended audience are the most effective way of accomplishing this. After all, not everyone is comfortable with listening to detailed instructions in English, and you also have to consider accessibility. The hearing-impaired need quality subtitles in order to enjoy content.

Transfluent used AI-assisted subtitling together with professional translators to provide Gold&Green with quality transcriptions and subtitles in record time and multiple languages. Gold&Green provided Transfluent with links to the original videos, and Transfluent’s process took care of the rest. Within a week of ordering, Gold&Green received quality subtitles, which ensure that viewers can easily follow and understand the cooking instructions on its videos. No more relying on your ears only!

Our cooperation has gone beautifully. We’ve been particularly delighted by Transfluent’s speed and customer service

Annette Kauppinen, CMO at Gold&Green Foods Ltd.

Check out a video from the Pulled Oats -video campaign here:

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Jarmo Honkala

Jarmo Honkala