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When planning international business expansion, a company needs to think about organizing its international customer service. Should you hire local staff to cover local customer service needs? Or should you centralize all your customer service agents to a specified location? Is it cost-effective to hire customer service agents for every market you cater to?


The answers to these questions are no, yes, and no.

In this day and age, it is possible to carry out customer service in multiple languages effortlessly, without extensive and expensive recruitment. With an automated translation tool, you can translate emails and other kinds of messages in real time.

Everybody wins. The customer gets service in their native language, and the company can focus on their core operations – expanding their business.

Translating customer service tickets has several advantages:

  • The speed of internationalization is faster

  • Costs remain under control

  • The process is scaled up as your business grows

  • Translations can be customized so that translations of certain words or phrases are done in the way that matches your guidelines, rather then how a generic translation would make them

High-quality machine translations for customer service

You may be familiar with some online translations tools but whatever your opinion of them please remember that they aren’t built to be specialised for a customer service environment. Whether you’ve asked yourself the question ‘What’s better than Google Translate?’ or simply been disappointed with what you’ve seen, it’s time to evaluate the quality of a tool that is dedicated to delivering translations for customer care.

You may have questions about how machine translation can cope with your individual business needs, from using certain phrases to words that should be translated in a specific way. These requirements can be taken care of with a custom library setup for your company, whilst AI translation learning will also mean the more you use it the better it will get for your precise needs.

International customer service with predictable costs

This kind of service is especially useful for corporations, who have international customer service needs all over the globe. You can serve clients in a new language without having to bring in an extra resource every time you want to add another language option.

The service can be used in other kinds of communications as well.

For example, one customer uses the service to help with onboarding customer service agents in languages where they feel they need a resource but their manager doesn’t speak the language they are supporting. Using Transfluent’s translation tool, the manager is able to check messages are being sent in the style required by the company, and support the new team member if changes are needed.

Another Transfluent customer, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, is using our service to communicate with their global retailer network. Whereas they used to carry out all communication with their partners in English, which sometimes caused confusion, they now communicate clearly to their partners in 23 languages.

Don't take out word for it though, Sampo Lappalainen, Operations Manager at the Finnish 3D graphics design company Umbra, had this to say about our service:

Our technical customer service receives a lot of messages from Japan and Korea, for example. It is very convenient for us to drop the tickets into Transfluent’s online portal, and the translations are delivered in the same format we inserted them in.”

Consistent translations for a reliable customer service experience

Typically in customer service many of the same things come up repeatedly. Making sure that customers receive the same message, no matter the language is an important factor in delivering a consistent service.

One concrete advantage of Transfluent’s customer service app is that you can preset phrases or terms that you know will be used regularly or are important to your company. That way, every time they are used you can be confident the machine translation will use the exact wording that you want.

Zendesk Customer Support Translations

Companies that use Zendesk for their customer service management can extend their reach with Transfluent’s Zendesk translation app.

As customer service tickets in another language appear in the system, the customer service agent will instantly see a machine-translated version. The agent can then reply and click translate for their message to be translated back to the customer’s language.

Having the service integrated into the system your agents use all the time makes it an easy process for them, and saves time for them against copying and pasting into an external system. It may only save a minute or two per ticket but times that by 20,000 and you can see the value!

From the point of view of the customer, they get fast customer support in their preferred language. All delivered to the high standard of translation your business expects.

Find out how we can customize the app to your business needs and request a demo.

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Ari Nyfors

Ari Nyfors

Ari has over a decade of experience in the language industry. He is passionate about excellent customer service and helping companies do successful business in a multilingual world.