New! Effortless video translations

NEW! Demand for videos is rising all the time, and we at Transfluent can help you to get the most out of your videos. Transfluent has developed an AI-assisted process, which helps you to get high-quality subtitles to your videos quickly in all languages you need.

It is well known that using videos will boost your marketing efforts as well as enhance participation in educational programs. For example, during the current coronavirus outbreak, staff training etc. can be carried out remotely over a distributable video.  

However, did you know that as much as 75% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, making subtitles essential for many videos to catch viewers attention. At the same time, more than 60% of Youtube views are from non-English speakers. To maximize your video views and make sure that your message is understood, subtitling and translations are essential. 

Our turnaround time for a 30 minute film subtitled and translated for more then 6 languages has been less than a week. Our service is perfect for all types of videos and content.  Read more from below and drop us a message, let's talk more about how we could help you!

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Anssi Ruokonen

Anssi Ruokonen