Getting to know your friendly neighborhood translation agency

I ended up founding Transfluent as a result of many lucky coincidences. Things could have been quite different. It was never my intention to start a translation agency, but here I am. We started Transfluent with the goal to make a difference. We wanted to build a service that relies on good old human expertise, but still works with the all of the most recent technology.

Transfluent HQ in Forum, Helsinki

We want to make it a joy for our clients to order translations, while providing a comfortable home for translators to do their work. For many years in a row, Transfluent has been one of the fastest-growing translation companies in Europe – so whatever it was that lead me into the world of translations, it must have been for a good reason.

What has surprised me most is that whenever I attend events outside of the translation industry, I am usually the only “translation person” around. Not only that, people who I meet often tell me that I am the first person they have ever met from a translation company. This tends to give me a competitive edge. When someone who has never met anyone from the translation industry before has made their first contact, they are very likely to contact me with their future translation needs.

Because, you know, they don’t know anyone else to trust. And translations are a service where trust is crucial. When you use a translation service, you typically don’t know the target language too well, if at all, and you rely on the translator and editor to do a good job. If you have a choice of using a provider where you know someone, you tend to go with them.

My advice for all peers is, go out and meet people! Our industry has traditionally been quite shy and stayed away from the public eye. But we need to open up and make ourselves known. In a few years, I hope I will no longer hear that I am the first person someone has met from our industry.

To all of you who buy translation services, I would like to say: make the effort to get to know your friendly neighborhood translation provider. They may be shy, but they won’t bite.

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Jani Penttinen

Jani Penttinen

Founder, Transfluent