NEW: Magento 2 extension now available!

We have redesigned our Magento extension for Magento 2 and are pleased to announce that it is now available.

With our extension you can easily translate a Magento store to as many languages as you want. What's more, the extension makes it easy to upkeep all the translations up to date. All completed translations are automatically pushed in-place with correct formatting. 

Translating a webstore will make your webshop more customer friendly. After all, 9 out of 10 people  use websites in their own language if possible. In other words, if whoever has the properly translated webshop also has the competitive advantage. However, one of the biggest hurdles is maintaining the translations up to date. New products and CMS content are added regularly, and keeping all language variants up to date has been a chore. Exporting content, sending it to a translation agency, importing the ready translations - the process has been a long one. Transfluent's Magento extension will help you to  both translate all your content the first time, and will make all the updates significantly easier. No more exporting and importing!

What can Transfluent Magento 2 Extension do?

Transfluent's Magento 2 extension can help you order translations straight from Magento! Just fire up the extension, select content and confirm the order. 

With Transfluent's extension you can:

    1. Translate CMS pages
    2. Translate CMS blocks
    3. Translate product fields
    4. The extension supports all available product fields, even those that are added by third-party extensions. You may choose which fields you want to translate.
    5. Use machine translations where suitable
    6. Order by single content page or block, or all content by bulk
    7. Order products easily by bulk, or by sub-categories
    8. Include previously translated material in the order, and it will not charge you if a match is found. This way only changed content will be translated!

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Anssi Ruokonen

Anssi Ruokonen