Transfluent accelerates growth with asset deal

1.12.2019: Transfluent Oy, which develops and offers digital translation services, has acquired the business activities of Navitep Oy and Translatum Oy.

The business activities consist of Navitep's and Translatum's translation operations, and their technologies developed for translation delivery. The deal will strengthen Transfluent's offering in terms of machine translation services in particular.

"This deal will highlight our position as the most user-friendly provider of translation services on the market. Our improving technology and the professionals joining us will form an outstanding combination, complementing each other to the benefit of our customers,” says Transfluent's CEO Mikko Räty.

”This deal will provide our customers with new opportunities: new languages and efficient APIs.  These will be particularly useful in the efficient localisation of multilingual websites, eCommerce platforms and content, when providing smooth customer service," says Risto Kuosmanen, chief shareholder of Translatum and Navitep. "Transfluent's services will enable us to provide our customers with even higher-quality services and offer more work to translators through our network."

Transfluent Oy, established in 2007, develops and provides digital translation services. Transfluent specialises in a translation experience that is as automated and easy to use as possible. High-quality translations are produced by professional translators via digital services. The company has more than 1,600 customers around the world. Transfluent's customers in Finland include Azets, Elisa, Fonecta, Reima and Small Giant Games.

Translatum Oy, established in 1996, is an expert company specialising in international communications and combining a wide range of translation services and innovative technologies. The company's clientele consists of businesses in the IT sector, mechanical engineering industry and healthcare sector, and advertising and communication companies, among others.

Navitep Oy, established in 2012, is a software company whose main product is software developed for automating the translation process. Navitep's customers include businesses in the IT, industrial and communication sectors.

If you have any questions, please contact or For additional information by phone, call Mikko Räty on +358 50 3308466 or Risto Kuosmanen on +358 50 5698021.

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Mikko Räty

Mikko Räty