Transfluent sponsors The Game Development World Championship 2020

Transfluent is proud to announce that it will be sponsoring the GDWC 2020 competition, and will offer the winning team of PRO category a gift card for translations. Transfluent has gaming in its DNA and has been serving gaming companies with quality translations for years. Quality translations are essential for all games to reach wider audiences, and will enable the winning team to connect with more players globally. Transfluent is pleased to be part of making the next generation of games more globally available.

The GDWC 2020 is open for submissions until the end of 2020. Read more about the GDWC.

Transfluent can localise games into 40+ languages and has experience from multiple platforms. Our dedicated team of professional gamers will ensure the quality of the translation. Read more about our services for gaming.

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Kati Peltomäki

Kati Peltomäki