Videos with professional subtitles have better SEO

Publishing your videos without closed captions in the original language, or without translated subtitles, can affect their success on the social media.

Did you know that 85% of videos on the social media are viewed without sound? And how many viewers quit watching your videos because they have no subtitles or closed captions? Give your viewers more context to keep them interested in your videos.

At Transfluent, we will provide high-quality custom-edited subtitles, and source language transcription for your video productions, with a selection of 55 source languages to choose from.

What else do you gain by translating your content professionally

● A study by Facebook has shown that videos with closed captions or subtitles increased viewing time considerably beyond the three-second threshold after which viewers continue watching.

● Subtitles and closed captions raise your SEO ranking for videos, by supplying Google Search Engine with content in written form. The video is indexed properly and receives a higher rating in search results. It is also free of the transcription errors in product names and proper nouns that are common with automation alone!

Imagine that your product name is transcribed wrongly, without quality control, and viewers don’t find your product video because of that?


Automated transcription has taken giant steps in recent years, but is still only a starting point for delivering professional transcripts and subtitles. Our AI-assisted subtitling process goes beyond the automated subtitles provided for free by Youtube and Facebook.

We can provide you with both: a transcription of the original language, and translation into a foreign language. Both are quality checked to guarantee your optimization, so that you can fully leverage the effort you’ve put into video production.

And why should you stop there? 1.3 billion Youtube viewers watch videos as non-native English speakers. That’s quite an audience to leave out when you’re planning to promote, expand and get noticed. Use our translation service to increase your digital conversion, with the highest possible quality

Our turnaround time for a 30 minute film subtitled and translated for more then 6 languages is less than a week. Our service is perfect for all types of videos and content.  Read more from below and drop us a message, let's talk more about how we could help you!

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Jarmo Honkala

Jarmo Honkala