The New AI Transfluent for Zendesk Translation App Is Out


Great news - the new Transfluent for Zendesk translation app has launched! Now you can easily translate and respond to customer enquiries within the Zendesk ticket environment. No complicated settings, no fussy installations.

Free trial translations are available when installed directly through the Zendesk marketplace, or you can book a demo to see it in action first.

Transfluent for Zendesk is an intuitive solution that automatically translates customer service tickets into English once they arrive in Zendesk. Agents can then write their responses in English, and these too will be automatically translated back to the customer’s language.

You can create a glossary of terms, names, and phrases that your company wants to translate in a specific way. The tool also uses AI to learn about the company’s tone of voice to adapt future messages accordingly.

The instant, high-quality translations set your multilingual customer support team up for success. They save time and remove language barriers for your customers by dealing with them in their native language. Translated replies can be sent immediately, or your agents also have the option to check the translation before sending.

“We needed to make sure the quality of translations was very close to 100%. We were surprised! The quality was even better than we expected, and we were able to move forward faster than we thought.”

Jonas Nordberg, Support Manager, Sympa

Pricing is at the low, flat rate of €3 per outgoing translated message. Incoming messages are translated free of charge. We are also happy to discuss custom pricing arrangements for bigger teams with high ticket translation volumes. Start your free trial now through the Zendesk marketplace, or book a demo with us!

Features of the Zendesk Translation App

77 Languages Supported
Provide wide-ranging multilingual customer service with translations for 77 languages.

Seamless Integration
Read and respond to tickets directly from the Zendesk support ticket environment. There’s no need to switch to another section or change windows.

Ease of Use
Tickets are automatically and instantly translated when they arrive. Write your response in English, and they are translated back to your customer’s language when the reply is sent.

Detailed Customizations
The app can translate specific words or phrases in the way you want, such as product names or industry-specific terms.

AI Learning
The AI enhancement starts analyzing your replies immediately so it can even better match your company style and tone within its translations.

Per Message Pricing
Clear and affordable pricing structure where you pay a low, flat fee of €3 per outgoing translated message.

Simple Setup
Installation is as straightforward as clicking ‘Install’ from inside the Zendesk marketplace. There are no tricky settings to input.

How Does It Work?

Transfluent allows you to deliver the same level of service to all customers globally without hiring local staff in multiple locations. The ease and level of flexibility the app offers will also allow you to test new markets without needing to recruit support agents for multiple languages.

The translation is also instant - there’s no need to wait for long periods for a translator to deliver your message back and forth. With our Zendesk app, you can:

* Receive messages in any of 77 languages
Transfluent enables customer service representatives to read incoming messages in any of 77 languages. As soon as the ticket arrives in Zendesk, the tool automatically and instantly creates a high-quality English translation.

* Reply in English
Your customer service representative types their responses in English, and when they send it, the Transfluent for Zendesk app automatically translates it back to the customer’s language.

Even if a manual translation only takes two minutes, multiply that by 20k cases, and that’s a lot of minutes!

Jonas Nordberg, Support Manager, Sympa


See the translation service for yourself and get answers to your questions by booking a demo or claim your free trial translations by installing from the Zendesk marketplace now.

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Anssi Ruokonen

Anssi Ruokonen